Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Year and a Half.... the length of time that has passed since I last posted. Why do I even have a blog? I guess for the reason that perhaps, I may actually post something! I'm trying to remember what has happened in the last 18 months and it's not comin' to me. I can remember most of the summer though. It was a fun and busy one. I started off the summer with the Winterbottom Family Reunion in Mt. Pleasant; then had Girl's Camp up North Fork Canyon; then Youth Conference in Alpine where we took on Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter again; next, Ryan and I went to Bear Lake with our DEAR friends, Julie and Dan; after that I spent two amazing weeks at the family cabin where we swam, tubed, boated, went to Jackson, did Big Kahuna and LC again, four-wheeled, played games etc.; and most recently I just got back from an awesome trip to Lake Powell with the Kaye Starr Singers. It's been so great! Here's pictures of some of the said events:

Most of the Fisher Clan at the Manti Pageant
Winterbottom Reunion - June 2010

Hittin the Big Kahuna with Syracuse 4th ward
Youth Conference - July 2010

Gettin ready to tube the Snake. Yee-haw!! L-R: Krista, Ryan, Paige, Shaylee, Dallin, Kellee, Alesha, Preston, Hollie

Ryan and I at Cave Falls...which should actually be re-named Caved-IN Falls. Sad!

The head of the Snake River with some of the fam. How cute is Baby Tylie?!

My good pal Russ took my family down the Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter. So fun!

My Dad's 66th Birthday. You should have seen the Birthday song/dance we performed for him. Talk about awesomeness.

Our SWEEEEET houseboat!

Mom, Dallin, Kell, Ellie, and me at Rainbow Bridge. Beautiful! After leaving here I was commissioned to ride one of the wave-runners back to the houseboat, a mere 90 minutes away. I had to stay at least 40mph to keep up with the boat. A bit nervous at first, but in the end it was so exhilarating!

Ellie & Dallin, along with some of the other kids and Grant made a Rainbow Bridge sand castle. It's an awesome replica!

My mom, Kellee and me on the wave-runners. Ohhhh, I wanna go back!

Singing night in the houseboat. We had a great time with the Kaye Starr Singers!

The Kaye Starr Singers hangin on the houseboat. :)

Jeni (our amazing violinist), Shauna, Kellee and me right before our fireside started.

The Kaye Starr Singers on Sunday Morning

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girl's Weekend

The "HS" girls and I have been talking for years about getting together and doing an overnighter and it finally happened.  We figured since so many of us have March birthday's (Katie, Amberlee, Cheridan & me) we would find a time in March to stay over at a hotel.  On Friday, March 13th Adie picked up Katie, Cheridan, Amberlee, me & Kara and we started our journey to Salt Lake.  Oh, what fun!  We were like giddy school girls going on a faraway journey, not MATURE adult women going a mere 20 miles down the road!  After we got checked in to the Embassy Suites we went out to have our pictures taken by a PROFESSIONAL!  Thank goodness we have connections.  Kara took us out to random areas in downtown SLC and we strutted our stuff.  Rather, we tried to strut our stuff!  I would tell you how great and beautiful and amazing the pictures turned out but I have YET to see them. (Hint hint Kara!)  No, really, I know our professional is VERY busy trying to move and sell a business while keeping up with her own photog sessions so we will be patient!  That night we went to eat at Bacci's, laughed, shopped til we dropped (almost literally--ha) at Gateway, went hot tubbing, laughed, ate some more, talked and laughed well into the night.  It was such fun to get away for a night with some of your best friends.  I see many more of these "getaways" in the future!

Here are a few pics from the trip!

One of the professional shots Kara took.  

Two of the Triple K's

Shopping at Gateway (Kara, Katie, me & Cheridan)

(Me, Amberlee, Cheridan & Katie

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I saw this on Katie's blog and thought it was a cute idea.  Plus, who wouldn't want a homemade gift from me?!  :)

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

The first three people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It'll be done this year.
4- You have no clue what it's going to be.
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.
The catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who do the same on your blog. The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!Who's in?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in Action--!

Warning:  EXTREMELY LONG.  I fully don't expect anyone to read this entire post, but I wanted to write it down for posterity's sake!  

I haven't posted in almost three months.  What the heck?  I guess I just didn't want to. :)  A lot has transpired during this hiatus, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, girl get-togethers, surgery, new babies, and perhaps a few other things.  

For now, I'll focus on a recent occurance!  Sometime in early December Ryan and I went to eat at Ruby River.  I ordered a delicious stake and we had a nice dinner.  About an hour after we ate I started feeling a dull ache right in the middle of my chest/sternum area.  It was a somewhat familiar feeling as almost a year to the date prior I'd had a similar occurance, yes, it was the lovely feeling of passing a gallstone.  This gallbladder attack lasted all through the night and well into the next day.  Over the coming weeks I had many more attacks which led me to see a surgeon, have an ultrasound, and eventually schedule a surgery.  Of course, they were too busy to get me in until January 8th, so they threw some narcotics my way and assured me it was perfectly fine to wait three weeks for surgery.   The big day finally came and Ryan and my mom accompanied me to the hospital.  The surgery was 90 minutes long, I stayed in recovery for about seven hours, and then I was on my way.

Now, this is a very common, fairly simple laparoscopic procedure.  I went into this thinking, "Oh, this will be a piece of cake! I'm gonna live up all the time off I have from work!"  It didn't quite turn out that way.  For one, I was not prepared for the pain from the incisions!  When the nurse in same day surgery had me stand up to use the restroom, the pain caused tears to spring my eyes! Ha ha! Aside from that, the first three days after surgery went quite well. The fourth day however, things changed.  I got an intense pain in the middle of my chest and couldn't breathe and it was quite awful so I went to the ER.  They initially thought it might be a blood clot in my lungs but ruled it and anything to do with my chest out after doing a CT, EKG, X-RAY and blood tests.  By then the pain was gone cause I was so doped up on dilaudid so they sent me home.  From then on I got sicker and sicker.  I called my surgeon's office the next day to tell them how nauseous and itchy and sick I was, and the nurse told me I was just having an allergic reaction to the medication (yeah, whatever).  By the following day, I was so sick (wretched vomiting-sorry) I didn't know what to do.  I called my surgeon who, wouldn't take my call but told the answering service to tell me to go the the ER.  Whatever jerk, I was just there less than two days ago, and all they did was drug me up and send me home!  Sure, why don't I go and pay another $150 copay!  Anyway, I DID end up going because I wanted to rule out anything serious, and things just didn't seem right. After doing ANOTHER CT and more blood tests the cute ER doc came in to tell me they're admitting me. Even though I knew something was wrong, I was shocked!  I've never stayed overnight in a hospital.  (Hmmm, actually that is totally untrue as I'd worked graveyards for EIGHT years at the hospital, but anyway, not as a patient.) 

I suppose yellow eyes, root-beer colored urine, and crazy itching all over by body might have been an indication to some people that something was wrong with my liver, but I didn't catch that, especially when my nurse said I was just having allergic reactions to medicine and I figured I was just dehydrated from not being to keep anything down in days.  Anyway, I had to transfer to Mckay-Dee (which is joyous to be a patient at your place of employment) since my surgeon didn't have rights at Davis.  The RN told me I HAD to go by ambulance, but I asked my doctor if we could just drive, and he overruled the nurse, thank goodness.  By the time my mom and I got to Mckay's ER (after cruising home to get some of my belongings-oops) they told me they were admitting me directly to room 4207.  Wait a second, my sis-in-law Missy was in room 4204 after just delivering her and Weston's first baby boy!  They told me surgical was full and OB is their overflow.  What a crazy coincidence.

I stayed the night there-and by the way, they wouldn't let me have anything to eat or drink, not even an ICE CHIP-and the next morning I went to Nuclear medicine for a HIDA scan (TWO hours on this skinny flat table!).  I guess that's when they discovered there was a stone that "got loose" when they took out the gallbladder and it was lodged in my main bile duct which was causing my bile to back up in the liver, thus causing the liver to shut down.  So, I went back to my room to await my next procedure, an ERCP.  While waiting, it was nice having Missy and I only three doors away from each other, so family members were able to kill two birds with one stone.  Along with my family I had some great friends who came to see me in the hospital.  Thanks for coming Denise, Amberlee, Liz, Cassie, and Ashley.  Love you girls!  

So when I find out the ERCP is done in the GI lab, I immediately text my friend Cameron who works there.  I told him I would be coming over later.  He responded by saying, "Wow, you're having an ERCP, that's a huge procedure."  Oh gee, great.  So after waiting all day the transporter (my co-worker) took me to the GI lab.  Upon arriving I was greeted by Cameron who made it oh-so-fun!  It definitely helped ease any nerves I may have had.  He, along with my nurse teased me about things they would do to me while I was "out."  My mom thought the nurse looked familiar and asked, "Are you a Schenck?"  The nurse's face was priceless as she didn't know how to respond when I finally told her the Schenck's are a family we know! She said, I was just wondering how you knew my reputation!  We all laughed and laughed!  Anyway, soon the GI doc came in and continued to tell me about the procedure and what would happen.  This was the basic gist of the conversation:

Dr. Porter: "Hi Sweetheart, I'm Doctor Porter and I'll be doing your ERCP today.  Basically we take a tube with a scope, go down your throat and esophagus , into the stomach, through the small intestine, and back up through the main bile duct.  Then we look for the stone, then use a hook to cut the stone out, pull out the hook and put in a balloon that we'll take up above the stone, blow it up, and bring it forced the stone back down into your stomach." (Say wha?) 

Me: (Say wha?)  "Oh, ok."

Dr. Porter:  I've done this procedure more than any doctor in the state of Utah.  The national average length of time for this procedure is 90 minutes, my average is eight minutes.  The national average risk for pancreatitis is 20%, my percentage doesn't exist because it's never happened.  The fact is you'll get pancreatitis if we don't the the stone out, or your liver shuts down completely, and then you can die.  Any questions?"

Me:  "Well, alrighty then."

It was funny that he was so confident in his skill, but I really liked it too.  It was nice to know I was in such good hands.  Before I knew it, I was done and people were talking to me.  Dr. Porter told me it took ten minutes, so I guess I just bumped up his average.  Before I left the nurse looked at my back and said, "ok, it looks good."  Turns out they had put on some fake tattoos during my procedure.  Ha!  So funny.  I can only imagine the position I must've been in for them to get to the middle of my back!  Oh dear.

Anyway.......I got back to my room and after awhile they let me have some broth.  It was so heavenly!  Ryan came up and ended up staying with me that night in the hospital, even though he had to be up by 7am to get to work in Salt Lake.  It was very sweet!  I finally got to go home the next day, and by then was finally starting to feel not so nauseous.  I went back to work a week and a half later and ironically enough, my first week back to work I got strep throat, and had to miss another two days.  Nothing like using up all your personal leave time!  
That was all about a month ago and I can say I'm feeling great and completely back to normal!  I know I had some complications and it wasn't fun at all, but after researching things I realize that things could have really been worse.  I'm so grateful they weren't and so grateful for wonderful people in my life who are so caring and supportive.  I'm especially grateful for my mom who was there for me through everything from driving me to and fro, to cleaning up vomit, and coming to check on me on her lunch break everyday!

I know Amberlee took pictures of me in the hospital so I'll have to get them and post them.  HA HA, yeah right!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Approximately eight years ago, a large group of random people planned to take a weekend trip up to my cabin in Idaho.  The people consisted of old friends, new friends, ward friends, and friends of friends.  For a week or two we prepped, planned and anticipated for the big group.  In the end, only four came; Laura Leatherwood, Amy Shackelford, Celeste Johnson, and me.  Who would have ever thought such an unlikely grouping would become forever friends!?  

Amy and I met in the good ol' Island View Park Singles ward after she, Val & Holly moved up from Salt Lake City.  One of my first memories of Amy was on one Easter Sunday.  I walked into Sacrament meeting only to be accosted by a cheerful, smiling head, with an enormous Easter bonnet atop!  Only Amy could pull that off!  

Celeste is two years younger than me and we grew up in the same ward together.  We go back to the days of slicked back motorcycle hair (Celeste-ha ha), girl's camp antics, and forming our own branch of the Buttercream gang.  I usually didn't even mind driving that pesky sophomore to school.

I met Laura when I was a Senior in High School.  I was going on a trip with Adie's family and we picked up Laura on the way.  Before I ever met her, all I knew was that she was "the good eater" of the entire Leatherwood family, and let me tell ya....that is saying something!  We hit it off that trip and have never looked back.

So back to the cabin trip...aside from one or two mishaps on the drive up (who turns the radio up full-blast when one of the passengers worked the grave the night before??) we had a nice time.  Although, I actually don't remember the trip, all I know is ever since the four of us have been inseparable. Ok, that's a bit extreme, but we have spent a lot of time together, often going to dinner every single month.  We've had so many hilarious things happen and have had so much fun; one day I'll have to write our stories!  

So, you can imagine our shock and sadness when Amy announced her family was moving to Washington D.C.  Several of us got together at The Cheesecake Factory to say our farewells.  Good luck Amy, we miss you already!

Amy, Celeste, Laura, Me, Tandra & Holly

The LACK-Dawgs  (Laura, Amy, Celeste, Krista)

At least we have a FREE place to stay if we want to go back to D.C.!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So Many Things....

....have transpired in the past month.  I suppose I should be a more consistent blogger so I don't forget everything.  Among the happenings: Ryan & I went to the BYU game in October, Kellee and I sang at Stake Conference, we had our annual niece/nephew Halloween party, Baby Ashton was blessed on November 2nd, and last weekend had a fun GNO.  

Another fun thing Ryan and I did was to hang out with Becky and Caleb.  Becky is my sister and she married Ryan's look-alike.  Ok, not really.  But we're practically related! Her sister Hollie is married to my brother Jed.  And Caleb and Ryan look a lot alike!

We went to eat at a Chinese restaurant where apparently I mortified Becky & Caleb by asking if I could make one or two substitutions, to which I was told, I COULD NOT!  I mean, what if I don't like the fried shrimp?  Ryan must be used to it.   After dinner, we went bowling where I CRUSHED everyone's score.  I bowled 126, Caleb 106, Becky 103, and Ryan....well, I don't know if he'll appreciate this, but he got 68.  HA HA.  Good times!

Here's some pics of the night:

We set the camera on the top of the car and set the timer.  We made them take several shots before the kibosh'd our further efforts!

Caleb & Becky

Ok, they're not twins or anything, but don't they look similar?!

Ry & Kris

Another car shot

After taking SIX (yes, six)  HIDEOUS pictures of ourselves, I finally cropped us out and put up a picture of our matching eyes! HA.

Becky kept asking all night long who had longer hair.  Finally, Caleb & Ryan decided to take a picture so we could see for ourselves.  You be the judge!!  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wench, the Hippie, and Mrs. America!

I love fall!  Everything the past month as been so beautiful.  The weather has been perfect and the leaves on the trees are so colorful!  I've had a fun month.  Ryan and I went to the BYU game three weeks ago, and two weeks ago I went with my family to my brother's cabin in Bear Lake, and this past weekend I went to Amberlee's fun Halloween party.

Amberlee has pictures of me at her very first birthday party, so you can imagine the history we have. In fact, be sure to ask her about our best friend necklaces when you get a chance!  HA.
Anyways, we went to her party on Saturday and had a fun time!  It was good seeing her and Katie.  Adie was supposed to come but she "went out with other friends," so we decided to take pictures of us having "the best time ever" to try and make her jealous. Ha ha!  The following pictures are the result:

And these are a few others I stole off Amberlee's blog...

By the way, Ryan and I dressed up as hippies; Trevor (who was in Moab) has a Captain America costume so Katie had to be Mrs. America; and Amberlee was a pirate wench!  

Amberlee took more pictures with her camera and I'm hoping to get them so I can post them soon!  Thanks for the fun times! (Now posted!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Seriously Lacking...

....on the blog front! It's been over a month and a half! It's crazy too because it seems like there's been a lot to write about. Oh well. I'll go back...

Back in the first week of September, my 2nd oldest brother Brady got married. A few months prior, a close friend of Brady's pursuaded him to sign up for LDS Singles. After going out with one hoochie girl, he went on a date with Mindy. Now, mind you, Brady has been rather bitter towards women (and for good reason) for quite some time. So the following event had to be a miracle! Upon dropping Mindy off at her house on their first date, he got it. He got a strong impression she was to be his wife. If any of you know Brady, you'd know that whenever he heard stories about how people knew after one date, he'd roll his eyes and call 'em crazy! As he pulled out of her driveway, he uttered the words, "Oh, CRAP" (though to be honest, I don't think crap was the word he used)! He later said he felt like the Lord had to hit him over the head with it because he probably wouldn't have asked her out again (not because he didn't like her, but because he wasn't interested in getting serious with anyone). So after five months of dating, the got married in the Manti Temple for time and eternity. Our families made the trek to Manti and had a very nice time. After the ceremony we reconvened at the local B&B where they had a luncheon. Brady and Mindy had asked Kellee and I to sing a few love songs, which for any normal person would be fine. I, however, seem to bawl like a baby whenever singing at weddings.

Case in point: February, 2002, Jed (brother) & Hollie's wedding luncheon. It was the first time singing at the wedding of someone with whom I was closely related. Kellee beautifully started belting out the words to Martina McBride's "Valentine" while I waited for my verse to come. I got out the first four or five words out before a loud, PFFFTTTTT, was heard throughout the PA system when I started to cry. I stopped "singing" and proceeded to apologize into the microphone. Luckily, my sister-in-law RaNae motioned to Kellee to finish out my verse. I think I may have pulled it together somewhere towards the end of the song, but I really don't know as I've tried to block it from my memory.

Anyway, back to Brady's wedding, we sang "God Blessed the Broken Road," and "Standing Right Next to You," at their request and ALMOST got through it with a snafu. I was doing quite well until I looked around and saw that everywhere I turned someone was crying! My voice was rather shaky on a couple parts, but at least I didn't snort into the mic! After we sang we had a special surprise for the Newlyweds. Brady had requested us to sing a song called, "I've Got a Winner in You." It really is a cute song and had a sweet message, but Kellee and I weren't about to sing some Don Williams song, so I taught it to Brady's son, Preston. I played the guitar for him while he sang and it was a total surprise. If I thought people were crying during our two songs, then they were sobbing during his!

After the luncheon, the Fisher clan headed to Mt. Pleasant-where my mom grew up-and went to our grandparents headstones, the house my mom grew up in (which is now a cute B&B), and some of her relatives homes. Although there was one or two mishaps (just ask my brother Brett about his drive there), it was a very happy, wonderful day!

So, that was just one of the many things that have happened since my last posting. I'll put up pics from the wedding soon! :)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Events of August

Since today is the last day of August, I figured I better get caught on all that's happened. It's been quiet an eventful month!

Girl's Camp: August 12-15

I was quite looking forward to girl's camp this year, just as I always did when I was a young woman! We met up at 5:45am, had a devotional, and hit the road. We went to the Etna/Jackson Hole area to stay in our YW Pres's cabin. We got unpacked and unloaded and got right into it. Without giving a play-by-play of all that happened, I'll reveal some interesting observations and highlights of the trip.

-It is VERY different being a leader than being a young woman. And to be honest, I'm not sure which I like better. I actually kind of felt stuck in the middle. I liked being with the leaders and getting closer to them, but at the same time, I felt more comfortable, and more myself with the girls.

-I've always prided myself on being good with directions and knowing where I am, but when given a compass with coordinates, I was clueless. All of the girls were too, but not anymore!

-Girls can do impressive things when given a bag full of random items. We gave them bags filled with different objects that they had to make articles of "clothing" with to show off on the runway.

-River rafting on the Snake River is very different on different stretches of the river! I know this is a "duh" comment, but I thought going swimming/rafting in the Snake river every year of my life since I was born would not cause any nervousness in me. I was wrong. This stretch was not the same as the stretch in front of my cabin. However, once we got on the river, my nerves dissapated and we had a great time, even despite the arctic temperature of the river.

-Some girls are just happier than others! Or rather, Beehives are more oblivious and generally seem to always be happy!

-There is a LOT of drama that goes on behind the scenes. Sheesh. Perhaps I was being too idealistic in my views, but I was not expecting quite a production of this caliber.

-Don't ever let your YW President tell the girls right before testimony meeting that, "This is supposed to be testimony meeting, and not testi-STORY meeting." They end up feeling "gipped," because no one feels like they can say anything OTHER than their testimony and it ends up being done in 45 minutes. I mean, I know what she is trying to teach them, but for crying out loud, this is the ONE time a year that girls get to really vent and let out all their feelings.

-I like dutch oven cooking. :)

-Sitting around doing crafts with a bunch of girls is fun. I got so into it, the girls dubbed me, "Krafty Krista." They even made me a cute bag displaying that moniker. I'll have to take a picture and post!

Here are just a few pictures from camp:

A long day after being on the river

A very large cowboy boot

Priesthood leaders are fun to have around

Get that fire started or else we're not passing off your certification! :)

The Big Kahuna (Doesn't look near as daunting as it was!)

Going through the Big Kahuna--way blurry!

Some of the girls with their favorite leader. HA

All in all, we had lots of this. :)

Pain and Joy!

August 18th, and 20th

So, my dad has degenerative disc disease. About four years ago he had surgery to have three discs fused. Since then, his back has gotten worse and the time came that he needed to go back "under the knife," if you will. This time, they had to take out all the screws and do-dads from before, and then fuse two more on top, and two more below, meaning seven discs in all fused. Poor man. His surgery went well, but now, almost two weeks later he is still majorly suffering. After the last time he had surgery, he was superman and had an extremely speedy recovery. This time is clearly different, and it's starting to weigh on his spirits a bit. However, he is quite groggy much of the time since they have him doped up on so much pain meds, which by the way, he would absolutely hate if he was at all coherent! Anyway, hopefully he will recover well and be back to himself soon!

Upon returning to his room after surgery, my dad's lips were quite swolen due to the anesthetic. I told him, "Dad, I didn't know you were coming in today for Botox injections!" Still "under the influence," he kept pursing his lips saying he was inpersonating Britney Spears. I don't even know if she's done the Botox thing, but nonetheless, he kept saying it. Ha ha, I hope he doesn't kill me for posting this. :)

Here's my dad with the T-man :)

Get well soon, Dad!

Not two days after my dad's surgery, we were blessed with a new bundle of joy! Jed and Hollie had their 2nd baby on August 20th, at 7:44am. He was TEN pounds even. Oh he is a cute little chunk! I'm so excited for them and for us, cause we love having babies in the family. This is Ashton Jed Fisher:

So precious!

Chunky little baby. So cute!